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Check out our newest event – The Biggest Doggie Weigh Down!

Recipients of donations from Dogs Forest Fun Runs:



The Biggest Doggie Weigh Down Challenge and Fundraiser

KOIN Local 6 will follow the success!

The Biggest Doggie Weigh-Down KOIN flyer

The challenge began June 1st 2009, but there is still time to sign up – Call Jill at 503-806-3590 to find out how your pooch can participate!

Vet Records must be up to date and faxed to 503-647-9879.

Fundraiser benefits Dove Lewis and the Oregon Humane Society.

Dove Lewis

Hurry, spaces are limited and filling fast!




Other Special Classes

Puppy Recall Classes

Level 1: Ages 4-6 months.  Teaching the dog to follow and recall.

Level 2:  Ages 6-9 months.  How to stop the “flight stage” .

Search and Find Class:  All ages. Your dog will build confidence and improve their smell (Their sniffer is the most important part of their happiness!) This variation of hide and seek will challenge your dog’s mind and body. Dogs go home tired and fulfilled from working on smelling.

Nutrition Class:  How do you know your dog is really Healthy and Happy?

Does your dog get tired really easily?  Does your dog’s poop smell horrible?  Does your dog have loose stools?  Does you dog’s coat look dull and feel rough?  Does your dog have allergies? … These are just a few of the signs that your dog might not be eating good food and not healthy.

Weekend 1 hour Summer Camps for:  

Autistic kids with their therapy dogs

Kids with Diabetes and their therapy dogs


Contact us for more info on all classes