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These questions are asked to make sure that your dog is well socialized and is healthy with no worm or other contagious issues.

1. Does your dog have any food or medicine allergies? Any other issues we should know about?

2. How old was your dog when you got them?How old now? What kind of dog is it?

3. Did your dog take puppy classes?

4. How often do you socialize your dog with other dogs?

5. What training have you done with your dog? List what commands your dog will obey:

6. What food do you feed your dog?

7. Detail a day in the life of your dog from wakeup, breakfast, to dinner, sleep and exercise:

8. When and how often do you exercise your dog? In the morning? or mid day or 3 times a day?

9. Is you dog crate trained? Where does your dog sleep? (In your room, in your bed, doggy bed,doggy crate, bathroom, etc?)