Dogs Forest Fun Runs ™ 806-3590

Rock Creek Kennel: Pickup and Drop-off services:

While your dog is boarding at Rock Creek Kennels, your dog can sign up for a Forest Fun Run.  We are only 4 miles from Rock Creek.  

1. You must sign your dog up in advance.

2. The dog must have had a recent fecal exam. (w/in 5 months)

3. We must meet and great before the run, so the dog knows me etc. when I pick up your dog. Owner must sign a hold harmless agreement too.

4. Then owner makes a check payable to :Dogs Forest Fun Runs.

Just call Jill at 503-806-3590 or hit the paw to sign your dog up.  The run is a minimum of 30 minutes off leash and really helpful for reducing the stress that comes with being away from home alone.

Rates have increased due to the price of gas!! $20/run.

Longer runs are available, just ask. 

Double dog discounts exist too!!!

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We run in the morning:

rain, snow or sun.



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