Canine Health and Nutrition

Healthy black lab dog

The healthiest food you can give you your pet, in our opinion, is Darwin’s.

Fresh, raw dog food.

My dog has been a client for over four years and her allergies went away, and now she is super healthy! More dog testimonials to come.

Does your dog show signs of allergies??

They could have watery, itchy, pink eyes?

Smelly poops that are loose?

Biting and licking toes and other body parts? Hot spots?

Do their ears itch and smell?

Does your dog have knee or joint issues?

When your dog has issues like these, it is a sign that the dog food company’s poor, overcooked ingredients are beginning to take a toll on your dog’s system.

Internally, dogs are still 99% similar to the gray wolf from which they evolved! The best thing you can do is give your dog fresh, raw dog food.

Darwin’s wants your dog to live longer, have fewer vet visits and be healthy. Your dog was meant to be on a fresh, raw, grain-free diet! When you switch your dog to this food, you get a dog that is healthier – No more dull, itchy coat.  JillianArthritis and diabetes may go away. Grains are the number one cause of sensitivities that create allergies for dogs. Fresh, raw, dog food is the smartest choice for most dogs.
Darwin’s mission is to help dog owners provide healthier, longer lives for their pets. They are delivering on this goal by producing a convenient, affordable way to feed your dogs healthy, raw, grain-free dog food packed with meat and vegetables.

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Start when your dog is young, to help them stay that way!