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September 8, 2010

Dear Jill: I really like my new friends at Forest Fun Runs. You and my friend, McKenna, have taught me how to play better with others. I went to the Vet and found out I have lost over 7 lbs in the last 2 months and I have more energy and muscle.

On my play days I get really excited when I see your house and after my runs I take a nice nap and then sleep the rest of the day when I get home. I stay home by myself during the week so I look forward to playing with my friends.

Thank you again,



August 25, 2010

Hello Dogs Forest Fun Runs and all dog lovers!!!

My name is Achilles and I’m a 5 year old lab. When I first met Jill, I knew this was a match made in doggie heaven! Jill and McKenna have taught me how to be a better dog. I have learned really great recall and how to stay with the pack!! They have been so patient with me when other doggie play places have not.

What I like most is that I love running free range in the 6 acres of forest that Jill set up for the love of dogs and most importantly for my health!!  I am proud to say that I’m losing weight! I’ve only been playing there for a 1 ½ months and I’ve lost almost 7 pounds! I still have a ways to go, but watch out ladies! I’ll be a svelte lab in no time.

I enjoy every minute I spend with Jill and her McKenna and the other dogs. It’s worth every penny!

Achilles !!!!  ;))


“I don’t even have to run my dog anymore – she passes out in the car on the way home!”

– From Belle with Love


August 10, 2010

Hi Jill,

I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had on my hike! Everyone said I’d
be tired and sore, but I wasn’t. I got my parents up at 6 AM on Sunday for a
run at the school, and then requested 3 more walks during the day. I guess I
have recovered more stamina than everyone realized! Anyway, we all had a
terrific time, and my parents will be in touch to set up some kind of a
schedule. I’m really looking forward to it!



August 20th, 2010

I’ve been taking Ivy, my 5 year old yellow lab, to Jill at DogsForest FunRuns for almost three months now. And Ivy and I just LOVE it! She now knows when I say to her, “ready to go to Jill’s”, what that means. Here entire body wags from the force of her tail.

Ivy’s also lost weight and has much more energy. Jill’s educated me on proper nutrition for Ivy, and she’s looking and feeling a lot better. She has her “puppy spirit” back.

What I also love about Jill is that at the end of the day she will post pictures on her website as well as email them to me on facebook. Pictures of Ivy playing with the other dogs, running, swimming and having a BLAST!

I know Ivy’s in great hands when she’s with Jill…in fact, a couple of weekends ago I went away for the weekend. Although I had a friend that would have watched Ivy for free, I paid to board her at Jill’s. I knew she would have a better weekend full of adventure, good friends and lots of fun!

We Love You Jill,
Jennifer & Ivy

Satisfied Dog Fun Run Customer!