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1.  1/2 Day Pickups and Drop-offs Mon.,Wed.,Thurs.

We will pick up or you can drop your dog off at our home for a 1/2 day visit. The dogs will go on the Forest Fun Run for up total of 77 minutes. Then the dogfs come inside and play until they drop for nap.  You must pick up the dog up between 11:30-12noon. Your dog will come home CLEAN,tired and fulfilled!! 

Rates:  $22/day


2. Full Day Camps: Monday or Wednesday,Thursday.

You may drop off your dog at our home. OR we can pick up 10 healthy, well socialized, dogs first thing in the morning. We run for 60-75 mins. outside right away. Then we come inside and play around 3-4 more ours. Then it is nap time.  We coordinate drop offs with your busy schedule!! Your dog will come home CLEAN, tired and fulfilled!!  

Rates: $25.00/day

3. Weekend Runs: You are welcome to come up on the weekend and run with your dogs/dog. Pick your morning time on Saturdays and some Sundays. $15/run for 45 minutes with training or by yourself!! We practice recall with out leashes and more!!!


4. Thursday is a Schroeder's Fun Run w/friends

We pick up dogs are Schroeder's daycare and other friends join in and go for a 60 minute run in the woods. For Schoeder's daycare dogs the cost is:

Schroeder's  dogs  5 runs for $80, which is $16 per run.

1/2 day dogs is $22

Full day dogs are $25


NOTE:  We would appreciate 48 hour CANCELATION notice for any run!!  It is only fair for those dogs on the waiting list!!


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We run in the morning:

rain, snow or sun.



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