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owned by Jillian 503-806-3590

1.  1/2 Day Pickups at HONDO Dog Park Hillsboro Mon.,Wed.

We will pick up at 8:30am for a 1/2 day run. The dogs will go on the Forest Fun Run for up total of 60 minutes. Then the dogs come inside and play until they drop for a nap.  You must pick up the dog up between 11:30-12noon at my home or the dog park. Your dog will come home CLEAN,tired and fulfilled!! Dogs should come on a reguler basis weekly.

Rates:  $22/day

2. Weekend Runs: You are welcome to come up on the weekend and run with your dogs/dog. Pick your morning time on Saturdays and some Sundays. $15/run for 45 minutes with training or by yourself!! We practice recall with out leashes and more!!!


3. Thursday is a Schroeder's Fun Run w/friends

We pick up dogs are Schroeder's daycare at 9:20am and go for a 60 minute run in the woods. For Schoeder's daycare dogs the cost is:

Schroeder's  dogs  5 runs for $80, which is $16 per run.

1/2 day dogs is $20


NOTE:  We would appreciate 24 hour CANCELATION notice for any run!!  It is only fair for those dogs on the waiting list!!


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We run in the morning:

rain, snow or sun.



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