Dogs Forest Fun Runs

Welcome to our Northwest Doggie Running Community!

Location: Hillsboro, OR (countryside, Helvetia area)

We offer day camp runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

We run free range outside in the woods for a minimum of one hour in rain, snow or sun. -This is followed by more play inside for up to two and a half more hours (or until the dogs drop for nap time!) and then we go home by noon!

Our services focus on making sure that your dog gets the appropriate daily amount of physical & mental activity.

We provide free-range forest fun with lots of great smells, hide & seek, chasing, sniffing, walking, sun bathing….. all within the safety of six fenced acres. We’re with your dog the entire time. This physical and mental activity nurtures your dog’s mind, body and soul. By participating every week, the dogs gain muscle tone, lose fat and reduce stress often associated with being home alone.

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We run in the morning:
rain, snow or sun.